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Rated - Every Sport game worth playing

  • Hockey Showdown Hockey Showdown

    It's fast, frenetic and, er, icy

    Rate this game +11
  • Table Tennis Table Tennis

    Tennis... on a table? Now there's an idea

    Rate this game +11
  • Mountain Bike Mountain Bike

    Wheelie your way to glory without grating your knees into corned...

    Rate this game +10
  • Free Wheels Free Wheels

    Bombing down a mountain on a BMX is easy enough, but chuck a...

    Rate this game +9
  • YetiSports Olympics YetiSports Olympics

    An online pentathlon for yeti-loving gamers

    Rate this game +8
  • Kicking Kings Kicking Kings

    Fiendishly addictive sports sim where you have to kick a rugby...

    Rate this game +6
  • Creepy Pong Creepy Pong

    Nothing better than giving Skeletor a good pasting with your...

    Rate this game +5
  • Sexy Football Sexy Football

    Ruud Gullit still waxes lyrical about "sheckshy football". Get...

    Rate this game +5

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