To celebrate the 4 November Blu-ray and DVD release of the absolutely-freaking-awesome This Is The End, we’ve teamed up with those crazy film folk to offer you the chance to win a massive telly, Blu-ray player and copy of the film.
To enter, we need you to imagine that, just like in the movie, the world is ending, and that you’re hidden away with all your pals to pass away the (end of) time.

What would you have in your apocalypse survival kit?
Email us in a photo of your essential survival stuff to

And make sure you think outside of the box – we don’t just want loo roll and tinned tuna, we're talking awesome CDs, amazing gadgets, video cameras, copies of FHM (ahem) and anything else that you reckon would be essential… the most inventive kit wins the prize.
Sounds awesome, right? That’s because it is, so get entering.
Competition closes on 8 November. All entries must be based within the UK.
Check out Seth Rogen and the guys' essential survival items below:

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