If You Want To Double Your Battery Life, Experts Suggest Deleting A Popular App

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There's no love lost between Mark Zuckerberg and I—sure, the man is a genius but after finding out how much battery his damn app depletes, I'm feeling a bit snarky toward the dude, so why not tell the people (you) the truth?!

According to Marie Claire"Inc.com‘s mobile economist John Koetsier found that the background activity of his Facebook app alone used up a whopping 47% of his battery life, and by deleting it he could make his phone last twice as long without charge."

While FB is enemy numero uno in the war against your battery, there are quite a few other cramping your style. As per Marie Claire, the following 10 apps are on the Smartphone's Most Wanted—

Who uses Blackberry Messenger and WTF is Chat0n? Am I technologically impaired or are those apps not even real things? Who knows.

Also, no, the poetic irony is not lost on me. I'm sure you're reading this article via Facebook mobile as we speak. As someone who shares content through this app, I'd rather ya not delete it, but perhaps you can minimize use to the one or two time a day you head to FHM. Additionally, there are some other hacks you can use to keep your battery life on fleek (sorry, fleek is dead).

It's pretty infuriating that apps we never use, i.e. Stocks, iBooks, Health, News, Wallet, Game Center have very little effective on battery life but the ones were addicted to like the social media junkies that we are, leave us stranded on public transportation with no screen to stare down at! God forbid we have to engage with the world around us! Nope, not having it!

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