The 10 Best Modern TV Villains Prove That 'Bad Guys' Have All The Fun

Look, when it comes to real life I suppose that good guys are the better, more respectable choice, but in the word of television, I have one word for you about nice—YAWWWWWNNNNN.

I want action, I want deception, I want dark and twisted, and a bit frightening to make eye contact with! I want maniacal and devilish! Save your good boy shtick for characters in Romantic Comedies and basically any movie/show aired before 1960.

You know you agree, no sense in denying it! There's a difference between having a favorite character on a TV show and the one that's most memorable. I HATED Joffrey Baratheon, but if anyone asked how he *****SPOILER ALERT******* died, I'd be able to recount the exact storyline—he was that MEMORABLE. All bad guys are! Take a look:



Entertainment is meant to be an escape! Of course you couldn't handle the likes of Tony Soprano or even be in the same room as Ramsay Bolton without losing an appendage, but none of that matters when you're safely tucked away behind your television or laptop screen.

Sure, not everyone on this list is evil in the conventional sense, but if one thing is certain, ALL of them are diabolical.

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