If You're Looking To Ball Out On A Budget, These Are The 10 Best Places To Travel

I'd venture to say that if there's one thing people regret not doing more of in this life, it's traveling. There's a whole big bad world out there and to live and die within a 5-mile radius of your house is just, well, sad.

There are two pretty common excuses when it comes to people not taking a vacation and they actually happen to go hand-in-hand.

Look, I get it. Sometimes missing work can be a real bitch and it seems easier to just suck it up and not put in the time off but again, we were not put on this earth to pay bills and die! You have to get time to yourself, to relax, to explore, to TRAVEL.

You're not going to be buried with your money so WTF is the point of worrying about it all of the time?! You can't let a couple of bucks be the reason you're glued to a cubicle. I mean, if you're in 891651746 dollars worth of debt, I don't know what to tell you, but if it's a matter of a couple hundred bucks to take a vacation, what are you waiting for?

These 10 places will allow you to travel, WITHOUT the financial guilt:

Brasov, Romania—

There’s plenty of affordable holiday homes and apartments in Brasov and the nearby countryside, plus the city houses beautiful Christmas markets. Many Romanians in tourism-centric cities understand and speak some English so language is rarely a problem.

Hopkins, Belize—

It may be one of the most expensive countries in Central America, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a budget destination. Belize is still a whole lot cheaper than Europe or the Florida coast.

Antigua, Guatemala—

You can find relatively low cost accommodation, transport and food is cheap, and there’s no shortage of amazing cultural events like Semana Santa - the world’s largest Easter celebration.

Palawan, The Philippines—

Palawan has some of the most diverse landscapes as well as some of the best aquatic life in the country. You'll spend your days snorkeling, diving, beach hopping and exploring underground cave systems.

Crete, Greece—

The largest island in Greece, Crete is great for those looking to party on a budget, as it offers an array of clubs and restaurants with affordable prices. With idyllic beaches, there are lots of low cost lodging options, making it a steal when compared to the more well-known areas of Athens and Santorini.

Cape Point, South Africa—

Home to African penguins at Boulder Beach and Cape Point National Park, Cape Point is the most southwestern point of Africa. One can take an affordable day trip there from Cape Town with a hop on, hop off tour-bus. For 500 Rand or $35 for a full day

Luang Prabang, Laos—

Laos is tranquil, beautiful and cultural. This out of the way destination has as much bang for the buck as anywhere on earth.

Seoul, South Korea—

Seoul is a fascinating metropolis filled with high tech infrastructure, modern skyscrapers, historic buildings, a large expat scene and delicious Korean food all at rock bottom prices.

Lisbon, Portugal—

It has this old, gritty feeling that gave it tons of character. Plus, it is much less than many other European destinations, with budget accommodation clocking in around $30.

Copán, Honduras—

here are far fewer tourists and the ruins offer a much more natural and wild feel to them. The town has everything from cheap hostels to expensive hotels and everything in between, with the best food found on the streets or in tiny street-side cafes. Just an hour minibus ride further into the mountains is a beautiful natural hot springs, sculpted into the terraced hillside.

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