10 Disturbing AF Disney Facts That Prove It's Definitely Not The Happiest Place On Earth

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Racism, sexism, alternative facts, and scandals swept under the rug—no, I'm not talking about our president elect, but Disney.


Whether it's the theme parks, beloved childhood movies, or Walt Disney himself, this brand has some creepy roots that definitely tarnish their lighthearted, fantastical reputation.


Well, uh, wow. That was certainly A LOT to take it. While I understand a lot of these secrets are merely speculation rather than fact, the supporting evidence is pretty damn convincing. I'm sitting here and re-evaluating every trip I've taken to the "happiest place on earth" and I've gotta say, looking back it WAS creepy.

Of course as a child you think a bunch of multicultural dolls singing the same song on loop in a maniacal fashion is awe-inspiring, but really? WTF. Also, fairy dust? That was disturbing. Why the hell are people sprinkling ashes of the dead on a theme park designed for children—not exactly idyllic imagery.

While the mentioning of Pixar was less creepy, than it was cut throat, I was a still shocked. I had always assumed that Disney's partnering and eventual ownership of Pixar was a mutual business decision—I mean, to be fair, those movies are the bomb.com, but to find out it was a shady takeover makes me sad. I wonder what Pixar could have been without Big Brother watching.

Of course, I had to do some more digging. I came across this BuzzFeed article where people submitted there favorite Disney urban legends, here are a few:

"The characters on Disneyland’s It’s a Small World ride come to life even when unplugged: Cast members often SWEAR that they see the dolls blink or appear in different places than the day before."—lizzieh45

"The séance book in Disney World's Haunted Mansion was originally a real, 14th-century book of witchcraft: Cast members had the hardest time keeping the book in the upright position. The table would often be turned over, or the book would be somewhere else. They finally had to replace it."— Marla Weiske, former cast member

"A teen drowned trying to swim from Tom Sawyer Island back to the main Disneyland Park: Two brothers snuck out and hid on the island until park closing. They tried swimming back to the main park, the older with the younger one on his back, but the older one went under. They found his body the next morning."—Camille Stephens and Emeri Tompkins, Facebook

To read all 17 submissions, head here.

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