10 Greatest Movie Cars To Ever Drive Through A Stack Of Cardboard Boxes In Slow Motion

There are few things in life that make you feel as great, and more manly than driving a truly badass car. Times that with a truly iconic cinema moment though and you’ve got the kind of things that dreams are made of.

The folks behind the 24th James Bond film, titled Spectre, are definitely the makers of dreams. They've just revealed the silver Aston Martin DB10 that 007 will be driving in the new film. And it looks incredible...

We reckon it'll make the list once we've seen it in action, but until then, here are the 10 greatest cars to ever grace a cinema screen , turning generations of men green with envy and making them seriously consider setting up a mid-life crisis fund…


Film: Goldfinger
The best James Bond motor ever, a car that had machine guns under the headlamps, oil slicks in the bumpers and a fricking ejector seat. Everything else has just an imitation.
Key scene: Bond gets into some mid-drive fisticuffs, flips a switch on the gearstick and ejects the anonymous henchman into oblivion.


Film: Back To The Future
A weird looking car that looks like it’s been hand built by your lunatic neighbor Ken. Which is probably the exact reason why it was chosen as Doc Emmett Brown’s time travelling chariot in Back To The Future.
Key scene: “Where we’re going, we don’t need roads…”


Film: Drive
The Chevelle is a boxy car that reeks of nostalgia for the old days of proper muscle cars and the perfect accompaniment to Gosling’s silent getaway driver. Cooler than a blizzard in a fridge.
Key scene: Gosling being all Ryan Gosling like and putting the pedal to the floor after a botched robbery.


Film: The Italian Job
The Itallian Job cemented the Mini’s place in the automobile hall of fame forever and sparked a thousand bad cockney impressions. The new versions of the car might be a bit girly and not really that mini but the original is an automobile icon.
Key scene: Michael Caine and the gang cause turmoil in Turin driving through red lights, across rooftops and into the back of big trucks in one of cinemas most iconic car sequences.


Film: Starsky and Hutch
Everything you need from a movie car. It’s big, it’s loud, probably really unethical in its fuel consumption and it looks awesome driving through a load of cardboard boxes.
Key scene: The bit where they drive it through the sky and onto a boat. A motherloving boat.


Film: The Dark Knight
Whether you’re a fan of The Caped Crusader or not, there is know denying that he knows how to pimp a ride, the latest version lists rocket launchers, and a detachable motorbike amongst it’s gadgets. Which is almost enough to make you forgive Christian Bale for giving Batman ‘that voice.’
Key scene: Batman laying automobile smackdown on the Joker before getting blown up and being all: “Yeah, so what? I’ve got a motorbike in here too…”


Film: Bad Boys II
You couldn’t really have a list of badass cars without including a Ferarri somewhere along the line, and they don’t get much flashier than Will Smith’s Maranello in Bad Boys II.
Key Scene: Will Smith and Martin Lawrence destroy half of Miami in a ridiculously high-speed car chase that was filmed using Director Michael Bay’s own Maranello.


Film: Gone in 60 Seconds
A muscle car of Schwarzenegger proportions. If you can stick Nicholas Cage in something when he’s in full cartoon overacting mode, and it doesn’t lose any of its cool value it’s pretty much "winner, winner chicken dinner," as far as FHM’s concerned.
Key scene: Cage flirting with the car like an old lover before tearing through Long Beach and owning the bad guys.


Film: The A Team
If you’re going to make a film about a team of special forces experts branded as war criminals for  a ‘crime they didn’t commit,’ you can’t just have them driving around in an old Fiesta. You need van that reeks of attitude and screams, we’re out for justice, we don’t get on planes, we are the A-Team.
Key scene: Every single time that this man wagon is on camera.


Film: Bulitt
THE coolest car ever, this bad boy has been in so many iconic movie moments we could go on forever and make a list that’s just about the Mustang, and there are two different models in this here list, but the best of the best has got to be the 390 in Bulitt. If it's good enough for Steve McQueen, a man who’s face is next to the word 'cool' in the dictionary, then it's good enough for us.
Key scene: The car chase in Bullit, which is also, incidentally the world’s coolest car scene ever. EVER.