10 Signs You Should Take The Plunge And Move In With Your Girlfriend

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Anyone who says moving in together isn't a big step is an idiot—point blank. Perhaps moving in with a random stranger off Craig's List is no biggie, but moving in with your significant other is a HUGE step. You're not just playing sleepover at each other's houses anymore, you're committing to the real deal—a shared bathroom being the most daunting in my opinion, but we'll get to that.

Here are a few things that NEED to happen before shacking up. Perhaps "need" in all caps is a little strong on the language front so let me rephrase—here are a few things that should really really happen before you move in with your girlfriend:



All 10 Signs Explained:

  1. There's no pressure—it shouldn't feel like an ultimatum to either party.
  2. It's not a substitute for marriage—if you think moving in together is going to simply put off "having" to get married, it's not a good sign.
  3. You travel well together—traveling, while amazing, can be stressful. If you guys can handle that, you're golden.
  4. You've handled a massive argument and moved forward—if ya'll can't get passed an argument what business do you have sharing a roof?
  5. You're no longer in the honeymoon phase—the honeymoon phase is pure bliss, but it's not real life and if nothing else, living together is REAL life.
  6. You've clearly defined the relationship—if you two are still figuring out WTF you "are" to one another, might I suggest NOT sharing a home.
  7. You have good communication skills—you need to be able to say openly and honestly what you like and dislike about the other person (and the way they keep a household).
  8. You can be "alone" while you're together—basically, to put it bluntly, you're not up each other's asses 24/7.
  9. You're both financially independent/stable—if you're moving into together because one person can't afford to live alone, it's doomed from the start. Make sure you each have your own cheddar, it's that simple.
  10. You sleep together most nights—if you're spending every night rotating between your bed and her bed, then cut out the middle man and just do the damn thing already!

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