10 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Bored With Your 'Performance' In The Bedroom

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We've told you what to buy your lady if you want to intensify things in the bedroom. We've told you what turns women off in the bedroom and now we're here to tell you if you're girlfriend is bored in the bedroom, because frankly, women are very good at faking it (in more ways than just one).

Even if your girlfriend isn't faking orgasms, it doesn't mean she's not bored. Yes, I know how bizarre that sounds, but bear with me. Women want variety in the bedroom. Sure, The Big O is always a win, but even you guys know that the orgasm you achieve from say, masturbation, isn't the same as the orgasm you have from oral sex, or vaginal sex, so on and so forth. Each instance is isolated and if you create a stagnant, flatline bedroom routine, your girl is going to be disappointed. Don't believe me, here's what 1,000 women say they want in bed, I can tell you that missionary isn't anywhere on the list.

It gets tricky though when you're trying to determine this boredom from exhaustion, stress, etc. How do you know if she's bored unless she flat out tells you? Well, let's begin.

  1. To be fair, her flat-out telling you is 100% an option and of course, the most obvious sign. She isn't saying this to be mean, she isn't trying to hit below the belt, she's saying it because she's a good f'in girlfriend! Would you prefer she ventures outside the relationship or decide that she prefers a vibrator to you any day of the week? No, I didn't think so. If anything, hope for this sign, it's the best and easiest one to handle, permitting you don't crumble under the pressure of constructive criticism.

  2. Here's another obvious one, but hey! Sometimes men don't notice the obvious. It's often why the word "oblivious" gets thrown at them, often. If she stops having sex with you, there's a strong possibility it's because she's not enjoying it. Men LOVE to assume it's because she's on her period or because she's fighting with her mom, but guess what? The problem may just be you, ever think of that? No, why would you? If you're going through a dry spell, just ask her, "Does this have anything to do with me? Is there something I can be doing better?" If she's a half-way decent lady, she'll answer honestly in one way or another. If the "problem" is you, I'm sure she'll be able to gently coach you through it. Women are nothing if not good at teaching men how to be better men (in all arenas of life).

  3. If you happen to be watching a really raunchy sex scene on TV and she makes any comment resembling, "must be nice", "wow, that looks hot" or "I wish I could have sex like that."

  4. Sometimes women feel compelled to be passive aggressive. Okay no, women enjoybeing passive aggressive. There's a certain air of mystery involved. It's like, "How long can I keep this up before he figures it out?" That passive aggressiveness will come in many different shapes and sizes. One of which will be the "friend." Instead of bluntly telling you her issues, she will describe a story about a friend she doesn't really have who's super bored with her sex life. She may even go as far as to ask for your opinion or advice on the matter. Listen closely.

  5. Try and read her body language. There are countless publications that have written about this. I'm here to tell you that it's a lot less complicated than science makes it. For example, even the Oscar award winning faker of orgasms can't replicate genuine leg shaking, heavy breathing, and increased heart rate. I'm not saying you should take her pulse during sex, but maybe don't rule it out either.

  6. Do you find her looking at other men in public instead of looking at you? Maybe not as overtly as men do with other women, but perhaps stealing a glance here and there. Some would suggest it means she's cheatingor looking to break-up. Maybe she's just starving for some decent sex, call me crazy.

  7. This one stems off the former, but it's possible that she's not stopping at just looking at other men. If she's flirting with other men constantly, there's a good chance it's because she's bored with you. Again, it doesn't mean she's trying to cheat! Maybe she's just trying to garner a passionate reaction out of you! Yes, it's "playing games" but sometimes that's what needs to be done. You know, playas got play.

  8. Has she ceased to want to do things that would normally lead to sex? Going to dinner? Going dancing? Watching a movie? All of these activities that would normally conclude in bedroom might be avoided because she doesn't want to deal with the pressure of making an excuse at the end of the night.

  9. If she relaxes a bit with her beauty routine it might be because she's not too excited about bouts in the sheets with you. I'm not saying women HAVE to shave for a man, but sometimes a little smooth surface and moisturizer helps a woman feel sexy which in turn, enhances the bedroom experience. If she stops doing this entirely, it may be a hairy situation all around.

  10. If she stops all other forms of affectionate behavior like hugging, kissing, cuddling, you know, all of the lovely stuff that goes along with having a woman who loves you, then you best start asking questions.

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