10 Pairs Of Stylish Boat Shoes To Rock This Summer

I don't think that boat shoes necessarily need to be worn ON a boat, but that's the idea. They often give off a certain nautical style, which is obviously very appropriate for the summertime—duh.

I know that a lot of guys don't care about shoes (similarly to the way a lot of women don't care about anything men care about) but honestly speaking, if you're a grown-ass man you need to not be wearing ugly shoes. I don't care HOW expensive they are! This isn't a pissing contest about the amount of money you're willing to drop on your fashion choices. This is strictly a matter of style.

Most of these shoes are less than 100 bucks and you can wear them year after year, without ever having them look dated. No, 100 dollars on shoes you can wear FOR-EV-ER is not expensive. Consider it a worth investment, like your video-game console...except these won't be entirely ruined if you spill beer on them.

All the shoes featured on this list can be purchased HERE. Also, this isn't one of those weird ads like Kylie Jenner does for laxative weight loss teas. I'm just genuinely sick of men wearing really ugly boat shoes.

Oh, here's the link to the Boats & Hoes video from Step Brothers because, why not?

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