Everything We Still Don't Know About The Titanic Sinking

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For those who aren't history buffs, we're here to remind you that, on this date, April 15th, 1912, the mighty Titanic—which was believed to be the most indestructible cruise ship on the planet—is thought to have crashed into an iceberg and sink, killing more than an estimated 1,500 people.

Of course, that's what the majority of people are told, with some people even questioning the entire story, wondering if, in fact, an iceberg is what sunk the vessel.

Like all pieces of history—especially history from over a century old—stories change, people begin believing what they're told and embellishment is sprinkled in to make a tale more interesting. So, is that what happened with the Titanic?

As mentioned above, some believe that might be the case—and there are a lot of unsolved mysteries surrounding the incident.

After pushing back from the southern coast of England in Southampton on April 10th with a final destination of New York City, on the fourth day of the trip, the boat began to sink, ultimately ending up at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean around 2 a.m.

But, just as the ship disappeared into the deep, dark bowels of the ocean, is where the questions come pouring in.

To help get to the bottom of some of the theories that researchers have about the Titanic's history on April 15th, 1912, FHM spoke exclusively with Adam Korczynsk of Marine Electronics, who put together 10 things that many of us consider common knowledge regarding the Titanic, yet, still, aren't proven as fact.

It's interesting to look at some of those theories and, even with research and numerous resources, we still don't know for certain what happened that unfortunate night when the tragically Titanic bid farewell.

Now that you have such info, though, go impress your friends and family by telling them what you just learned—and see what kind of debate comes from it all.

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