10 Times The Beach Nearly Kills You

The beach is obviously meant to be a happy place filled with sun and sand, cold beers and bikinis. Of course while this is true most of the time, there are ALWAYS exceptions to the rule.

The following 10 examples are a mix of mainstream beach woes coupled with some less obvious cautionary elements. If you're thinking it's going to be super cliche, I'd just like to mention that nowhere below will you find anything about sharks. Frankly speaking, the likelihood of a shark attack, well, isn't that likely (unless you're a surfer in shark infested waters, which no offense, I doubt many of you reading are) so I think it's best to focus on things that can actually happen—like a rogue umbrella to the skull or a jelly fish sting to the balls.

Additionally, if I had to make one more honorable mention it would be ROGUE BOOGIE-BOARDERS—I don't know if boogie-boards are a region-specific thing, but in Jersey they're all the rage among the adolescent and teen crowed. Back in the day, I was pummeled by more than a few of those evil foam devices and I've had some extreme phobia ever since. You've been warned!! Take it easy out there and happy beaching!