107-Year-Old Man Gives Advice On Fitness, Friendship, And Booze (You Better Listen, Because He Knows His Sh*t)

Joe Binder is a Navy veteran, life-long New Yorker, and all around sweetheart for even entertaining the idea of offering advice to you people. By you people, I mean myself as well. Don't worry-I'm not that cocky. I too, take full responsibility in contributing to the demise of morality in popular culture.

Anyway, this man must be mortified by some of the sh*t he sees nowadays, but thankfully, he's taking it all in stride! This Saturday happens to be a very important day for Binder, he'll be turning 108 (which means he's gotta have some seriously WISE AF things to say).

Please think about that for a second. With the amount of Vodka-Red Bull and unprotected sex I see this generation engaging in, most of us won't be kicking it to 60, let alone triple-digits.

Binder told the New York Post three following pieces of advice:

“I got hurt a lot and I turned the other cheek and that’s what keeps me going."

Alright, easy enough! Never hold a grudge, check!

"“I never sat on that bench,” he quips. “And I’m the only one left.”

Stay active, eh, a little less enjoyable, but doable nonetheless, check!

As for Binder’s final advice — "to drink red wine every day"

Drink red wine, check and check!

Looks like we might be sticking around for a long time after all! Although, who are we kidding? Most of us will read this feel-good article, go get into a fight with our best-friend, hold a grudge, sit on the couch, and drink white wine.

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