If You're Looking To Catch Someone In A Lie, Beware Of These 12 Signs

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When it comes to lying, people generally fall somewhere on the following scale—really good, decent, really bad.

I apologize if you thought that was going to be some sort of shocking revelation, but lying is basically like anything else. People will always end up essentially in 1 of 3 categories, like a more messed up version of Goldie Locks And The Three Bears. Ironically enough, your teachers actually weren't lying to you when they said those folk tales would come in handy some day.

Despite the aforementioned lying-scale, it seems there are in fact some universal signs that help even the playing field when you're trying to catch someone in a lie. I'm a firm believer that some people are simply so good that they defy all lying-logic, i.e. ALWAYS get away with it, but who knows? Maybe if you're more attuned to these red flags you'll be able to smoke these bastards out before you fall for another line.

As per UNILAD, there is a fantastically helpful text written by Dr. Lillian Glass called the Body Language of Lies whereupon all of the dirrttttyyyy tricks these people pull have already been discovered by modern science—take that, liars! We're onto you!

  1. They provide you with TOO much information.
  2. They cover vulnerable body parts—like a hand over their throat.
  3. They sweat more (this is sort of "DUH", but that's okay).
  4. They move their feet—literally trying to dance around the subject, huh?
  5. They point a lot.
  6. They become repetitive.
  7. They stare—really trying to convince you with their impressive eye contact.
  8. They become heavy breathers.
  9. They have a hard time speaking because they may be producing more saliva under such stress (ew).
  10. They touch or cover their mouth in some way.
  11. They become fidgety (again, another "DUH" moment).
  12. They move their head more.

That's about it, folks. Of course, if you're a really bad liar you'll most likely exhibit all of these behaviors but a sly person may just exhibit one or two. It's about really paying close attention to what the person is doing versus what they're saying. Do that and you'll be golden!

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