12 Can't-Miss Dates For Your Distractingly Sexy FHM Calendar

June?! Already? Blimey - the year's going so quickly, isn't it? Like, you know, just as quickly as any other year - but still, pretty quickly, all things considered. Worthy of a Facebook status, at least.

But that's not reason to feel down - June is jam-packed full of brilliant things. And if you're a smart man, this morning was brought to you by your incredible FHM Calendar and the impossibly wonderful Amy Willerton...

But calendars aren't just for staring. They're also for note-taking and date-making. Planning your schedule. Well, we've gone and done the hard work for you, and June is looking very promising as an unbelievably brilliant month of all things telly, video games and sporting events.

Here's all the stuff you should be treating yourself to this month...



True Detective - Season 2 (21st)

Suits - Season 5 ( 24th)

Orange Is The New Black (12th)


Champions League Final (6th)

Wimbledon (29th)

Copa America (11th)


Jurassic World (12th)

Entourage (3rd)

Spy (5th)


Arkham Knight (23rd)

F1 2015 (29th)

Lego Jurassic World (29th)

This year's FHM Calendar was in association with The Bluebeard's Revenge