12 Classic Video Games We All Wish We Could Play Again

I realize that many of these video games are available for play in modern day. I myself just took a stab at Mario Party 10 for the Wii. It was terrible. No, it was BEYOND terrible. It was essentially watching something I used to love so dearly as a child be ruined with gimmicky dialogue and complicated technology. Also Bowser was ultra-frightening! Like too frightening for a "children's" video game (I'm saying this as a 25-year-old).

The appeal of classic (nineties) video games is the no frills factor. We didn't need insane graphics and gore to keep our interest. Well, yeah, things were a bit gory between Jurassic Park Interactive, Mortal Kombat and oddly enough, Frogger. But it wasn't with the same intensity you see nowadays. Back then you just wanted to hear the victorious rumble of, "K.O." after a hearing the instigating "FINISH HIM" for 10-minutes straight.

Some of the games on this list teeter on being childish. It really depends how old you were in the nineties. If you were a teen, maybe Spyro The Dragon and Crash Bandicoot weren't for you, but if you were between the ages of 7-12-years-old, that sh*t was your lifeblood. Seriously, I'm getting fidgety just thinking about it! My mother threw away my Sega Saturn, Genesis, and PS1, so a las, I have zero access to my favorite 90s whimsies.

When Pokémon Go became a thing, no part of me wanted to download it. I understood the nostalgic aspect, but nothing is ever as good as the original, right? I mean, Hollywood destroys classic movies every other week, why would video games be any different?

If you're lucky enough to have saved any of these games and consoles, good for you! You had the right idea. Also, why aren't you playing them right now? Real life can wait!

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