Jennifer Lopez, Bella Hadid And Other Women Who Prove Underboob Is Awesome

It's funny how Instagram trends come and go, isn't it?

We mean, just a few months ago, it seemed as if everyone and their mother—OK, not really, that'd be a little strange—were snapping sexy pictures of themselves showing as much sideboob as possible, making sure that the camera angle captured things perfectly.

While that whole fad hasn't completely gone away—and we're happy about that—a new Instagram trend seems to be popping up from celebs and models alike. As the headline states, it's the underboob that's taking center stage these days, and people like Jennifer Lopez, Bella Hadid and Kourtney Kardashian are among the best at doing it.

According to Amy Odell, editor over at Cosmopolitan.com, there's a reason why celebs and models are turning to the underboob, per USA Today:

"If you’re seeing more underboob now, it could be seen as an extension of the crop top or cut-out trends that — while not new trends — have been very popular over the past few years," she says. "What those trends proved is that just a sliver of exposed skin in an unexpected place can be very, very sexy."

Whether or not that's the real reason isn't something we'll debate. Instead, we'll just enjoy some of these incredibly hot pics of people like J-Lo and Bella Hadid showing why the underboob trend is winning hard!

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