This Badass 12-Year-Old Girl Is A Total BEAST, Chokes Out An MMA Opponent Twice Her Age

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My lack of interest in all things MMA and UFC has never really been much of a secret. It's not because I'm a girl (as clearly this headline suggests women can fight), it's because I get nauseous watching people being hit in the face. Anywhere else? I don't care. There's just something about a human fist to the nose that sends me reeling.

That being said, this video is pretty f'in amazing. Of course I'm only saying this because it involves an incredibly bad ass little girl, but hey! Us ladies gotta look out for each other, ya know?

Here's some background on the insanity you're about to witness. As per The Washington Post—"Saturday’s amateur MMA bout in Tokyo between Momoko Yamasaki and a fighter identified in promotional materials only as “Momo” was hardly in doubt, with Momo taking Yamasaki’s back in the first seconds of the fight and winning soon after with a rear naked choke."

Seems like a pretty standard synopsis, no? Well, "Momo" is actually a 12-year-old girl—so things just got a whole lot more interesting.

The post continued—"Momo, who fights in the 95-pound division, shrugged off a suggestion that fighting a woman twice her age was akin to child abuse. 'I have fought boys in my age and they were bigger than my next opponent so for me, it’s no difference of any other fight,' she told Uproxx in an interview."

I really want to whip out like 832795627 hashtags right now in response to her quote. I'm gonna do it—#girlpower, #girlboss, #fightlikeagirl. Alright, that was only 3, but thank you for indulging me anyway. Take a look at this absolute beast of a little girl:

If you're wondering how any of this is legal, no worries. I've got you covered—"MMA in Japan is barely regulated, unlike in the United States where sanctioned bouts are overseen by state athletic authorities. That leaves everything up to the promoters, and thus we have a preteen girl fighting someone twice her age."

I know some pretty grimy promoters in The U.S. too, makes sense.

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