15 Times Women Made Eating Food Look Sexy As F*ck

If there's one thing every man loves to do, it's eat. And we're not talking about dieting by watching his figure with Lean Cuisine meals, either, but steaks, pizzas, wings and everything else that makes us wash our hands and faces a couple times because of sauces and grease.

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While men are typically the ones who stuff their faces, ladies can be just as prone to do the same thing — except, somehow, they can make it look so damn sexy.


Like, we have no idea how they do it, but anytime a man eats a burger that's smothered in sauce and loaded with a bunch of toppings like pickles, onions, tomato and lettuce — among other things — in the history of the world, there's never been a man who has looked attractive while scarfing that thing down.

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Women, though? Well, as we've seen plenty of times before, ladies can make eating something as simple as a popsicle look way too hot, which, of course, is OK with us because, well, it just is!

To applaud those women who can scarf down junk food and still look sexy as f*ck, we've looked long and hard all over the Internet to find you the best photos—and we've got a hunch that these pics aren't just going to make you hungry for food, but something much less tempting.

Lead image via James Thompson

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