Dynamic Women We Love In 2018 In Honor Of International Women's Day

Today's International Women's Day, which means that, if you've got some special women in your life, give them a little extra attention, love and remind them how unique they are. But, hey, since we've asked you to do that to show support for the women around you, it'd be wrong if we didn't do the same, right?

So, in honor of the most dynamic, stunning, inspiring and innovative women in the world, this one's for you, because we see you making an impact around the world and we just needed to applaud your strength and influence.

From directors and actresses to singers and politicians, these 18 women represent a brighter, better future for women all over the world. As difficult as it was, we selected a group of women we love the most in 2018 who deserve some recognition on a day when women are celebrated the most — and we've got an idea you'll share the same admiration for these ladies.

Lead Images via Getty

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