2 Simple Tips To Help You Have Better Sex TONIGHT

If you want to find out how to have better sex, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve got tips on the Hollywood way to get down and dirty,  the beginners guide to buying sex toys for your girlfriend and  how to stop your iPhone from ruining your time between the sheets.

But what are the most recent studies and opinion pieces saying the holy grail to improving your sex life is? Look no further…

01  Implement a one-hour rule

A writer for The Telegraph controversially swears by the one-hour rule, where she and her partner commit to having sex with each other within an hour of arriving home from a work trip.

It’s not for everyone, but making sex a priority (or a ‘chore’) means the intimacy stays in the relationship, and it doesn’t become something you can put off. You can also tailor this 'rule' to fit your relationship.

02  Split the housework equally

A study by family ecology professor Dr Matt Johnson from the University of Alberta, in Canada, found that couples had more enjoyable sex when the housework was split equally.

Not the most revolutionary finding - we admit. But his recent paper Skip The Dishes? Not So Fast! Sex And Housework Revisited used data from 1,338 couples to determine that sharing the chores resulted in more frequent and better sex.

It also shows that there's no correlation between better sex and a male partner doing more than their fair share.