20 Times Emily Ratajkowski Lost Her Shirt And Snapped Some Pics

Even in my darkest hours, knowing that somewhere in the world (most likely in a beautiful, lavish hotel room that I'll never be able to afford) Emily Ratajkowski exists taking topless selfies, drinking champagne from crystal flutes, makes things just a little better.

No, that's not creepy! It's acknowledging that no matter how ugly the world can be, there's still PLENTY of beauty all around us—most of which exists in the form of EmRata. If anything, I think I'm being straight up poetic! While we hate to play favorites here at FHM, so we won't, but can we just say we NEVER get sick of this lady's iconic good looks and raw sex appeal. Seriously, make up or no make up, blonde or brunette—it doesn't matter—she's a stunner for the ages.



We love her in bikinis (as seen above), we drool over her in lingerie, but most of all we damn near pass out when she's topless—which fortunately for us is often! We went ahead and compiled some amazing topless moments from her Instagram page. No joke Fellas, we went back pretttyyyy far into her archives for these! So enjoy! We saved you all the work of an EmRata stalking session for today.

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