20 Percent Of People Have Had Sex On An Airplane With A Complete Stranger (According To Survey)

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While there are lots of public places where people love to get down and dirty at, joining the Mile High Club by getting freaky from 30,000 feet in the air has always been one of the more prominent, as it brings a certain cache to it.

And for those who haven't done it, a new study might just convince you to try even harder, because the people at Stratos Jets surveyed 2,000 people to see their sexy in-flight secrets and, yep, the numbers are pretty astounding. Here are some of Stratos' findings:

Nearly 20 Percent Of People Have Gotten Frisky With A Stranger On An Plane

For Those Who Didn't Have Sex, There Were Other Ways To Enjoy Some 'First-Class', Sexual Benefits

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Additionally, Stratos discovered that daytime flights between 3-5 hours were the most frisky—narrowly beating out nighttime flights of 3-5 hours or longer. Even those who had not ever done any sexual activities on a plane, over 52 percent of people have at least thought about it.

So, whether you're already a member of the Mile High Club, a hopeful member or someone who has yet to try anything, but really wants to experiment, this study shows that there's plenty of sexual play to be had high in the skies!

You can see the full study here.

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