20 Slang Terms For A Vagina That Men Should Never Use (That We Can Actually Publish)

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Vaginas are interesting things, guys. Of course, we don't know that first-hand considering men don't have them, but they are, arguably, the most desired possession on a woman, with ladies, rightfully, choosing wisely as to who they reveal theirs to.

And, much like other sexual things, vaginas have seemed to have picked up some seriously derogatory nicknames over the years, with both men—and women—referring to the "pink taco" in a way that just makes it seem less desirable.

Since it's Monday and we've heard some raunchy things flying around both the Internet and in the office today, we figured we'd remind men to, you know, act like gentleman when it comes to describing a vagina—with these slang terms the ones no man should ever use.

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