20 Things No Man Should Ever Say To A Woman (Unless He's Looking To Get Slapped)

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Remember how, a couple of weeks ago, we listed a bunch of funny/slang terms that no man should ever use to refer to both boobs and vaginas? Yeah, we hope we taught you a thing or two.

While we hope you took our advice and got a good laugh about some of the slang terms, we're here to give you a little bit more tips—which is why it's important for us to give you a few things no man should ever say to a woman.

Most guys think out of instinct, a lot, and they worry about acceptance from a woman, leaving ladies dumbfounded when a man actually asks a question that either leads to a jaw drop, an argument, or, worse, a swift kick to the groin.

For the men out there who forget to filter things in their minds before saying them, these are for you—and we really hope you don't say them to a woman.

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