The Ford GT Is The Fastest, Most Prestigious Supercar On The Market

Since most of us will never have the cash or frankly, the driving skills to take this whip out for a spin, we're super thankful that the badasses over at The Verge we're able to get an exclusive look and test drive of this amazing ride. Here's a little backstory—"Ford will build 250 GTs per year, and will cease production at 1,000 units. Each prospective owner had to apply to buy the car — which starts at $450,000. To commemorate all of this spectacle, the company held an event at Utah Motorsports Campus — the home of the Ford Performance Racing School — where we were offered the rare chance to drive the road version of the company’s newest Le Mans-winning supercar."

Sean O'Keefe from The Verge wrote an incredibly in depth piece on his experience driving this magnificent piece, here's an excerpt—"Of course, when you hit the gas, all these details melt away. The GT’s ice-cold performance forces you to focus on the most necessary elements of the car’s driving experience. Take the slatted metal paddle shifters just behind the steering wheel, for instance. They’re sturdy as they are thin, and they spring forward with slight flicks from your knuckles — a simple movement that comfortably thwacks the car in and out of its seven gears. That feeling was so fulfilling I found myself constantly shifting while driving the GT down the arrow-straight roads of Utah’s Rush Valley and the scribbles that stretch across the foothills of the Stansbury Mountain Range."

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