The Newest Additions To The Emoji Fam Have Been Revealed And They're Dropping Early Next Year

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There's no sense in denying that texting has become the main mode of communication in 2017 and we hardly think that's going to change over the next month. Of course, a huge part of texting is the emojis and after getting a look at the new revealed 2018 emojis, well, we can't freakin' wait for the new year. It's the little things, guys, remember that.

With more and more confusing features being added to the iPhone and iOS software, it's refreshing to know that no matter what — emojis will remain a constant. We mean, could you imagine life without the hysterical crying face? How on earth would we express laughter? Or how about the heart-eyes emoji? If it weren't for that bad boy, we could never be certain if a girl was interested in us or not.

The newest additions to the #EmojiFam are a real mixed bag — you've got some exotic animals, sporting equipment, explosive devices, and oddly enough, bald people of all races. We're not entirely sure of the appropriate time to use a bald emoji, but, hey! We're going to roll with it. Take a look:

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Can we just say that the afro emoji looks a helluva lot like Colin Kaepernick? The dude is pretty awesome, so we suspect that was intentional. Again, we have no idea how we're going to incorporate a bald person into a texting conversation, but rest assured — where there's a will, there's an emoji.

To keep track of the latest emoji news, head on over to Emojipedia where they regularly update with any additions.

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