Help Predict The Biggest Trends Of 2018 (Including Hot Models, Cool Tech, Badass Cars And More)

With the year 2018 officially here, it's time to wave goodbye to all that 2017 gave us — which was plenty of drama, excitement and, obviously, a little bit of surprise. And, because we really like putting on our predictor hats, we figured we'd do something fun this year by seeing if we can guess some of the breakout stars, incoming trends and, naturally, the next hot Instagram model we need to all know about.

After naming the lovely Gal Gadot No. 1 on our list of Sexiest Women in the world for 2017, will she maintain the distinction once 2018 ends? Or will some other Instagram model or celebrity knock her off? What about the breakout stars in the NFL? Will some of the players who overperformed in 2017 be able to duplicate that success in 2018? And, will the always entertaining (and gross) Dr. Pimple still find herself as the nastiest trend on the Internet this year? Who knows, but we have some options for you guys to vote on to help us predict the outcomes of some pressing questions for 2018.

We may have to wait a full 12 months to see if we're truly Nostradamus, but, hey, help us make some 2018 predictions by looking into the crystal ball and telling us what you think we'll all be talking about by the time 2019 rolls around by voting below!