25 Actors Who Have Played Superman

Superman has probably had enough of an identity crisis over the years just having to adjust his mindset to being the Man of Steel part of the time, and mild mannered reporter Clark Kent for the rest of it. Now imagine that situation multiplied upon itself when you consider the sheer quantity of actors who have actually played the character over the decades, each doing their best to inhabit him in their own way.

Created by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster, Superman made his debut in 1938’s Action Comics number one, and the connection between he and the world was immediate. This was not only reflected in newsstand sales, but in the popularity of merchandise adorned with his image or iconic “S”, all of which led, just two years after his arrival, in the first actor to ever done the character’s traditional blue and red tights. Ray Middleton appeared at the 1939 New York World’s Fair on July 3, 1940. Naturally that was just the beginning as the Man of Steel would find himself leaping not only tall buildings in a single bound, but various mediums as well. Whether in animation, weekly movie serials, television series, the Broadway stage or feature films, there has hardly been a period over the past near-eighty years when there hasn’t been a production featuring Superman underway.

From a list of over 50 actors who have played Superman in one medium or another, FHM is providing this guide to 25 of them.

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