Flight Attendants Share 25 Things That Will Make You Think Twice About Getting On A Plane

Image Via Shutterstock

When it comes to who really owns the sky when you're flying, it might not just be as simple as saying the pilot, or is it pilots? How many men does it take to successfully fly a plan??

Sure, they're the driving force behind the multi-ton aircraft, but it's the flight attendants who hold all of the secrets, and canned beverages, at their fingertips.

I mean, when you really think about it, getting on a plane is hard enough for most people. Sure, the likelihood of a crash is minimal at best, but the chance is still there, and I don't know about you guys, but those odds are enough for me to need a valium or at the very least, a stiff drink before boarding. Actually, if I'm being perfectly honest, while I NEED a sedative or cocktail, I don't actually indulge. After seeing Bridesmaid half-a-dozen-times, I'm pretty much scared for life when it comes to flying while under the influence. I don't want to see a colonial woman in traditional garb churning butter on the wing and I reeeeealllly don't want to get kicked off the flight.

Speaking of flights, the 25 secrets below brought to you by List 25 on YouTube offers up the inside scoop from flight attendants about what really goes down all the way up in the air—ranging from something as simple as most technical delays being caused by passengers to something as CRAZY as dead bodies leaking onto to baggage. Yes, you read that correctly. A ton of planes apparently carry dead bodies in the luggage section and apparently those dead bodies are prone to leaking and APPARENTLY that leakage is likely to get all over your patterned vacation polos.


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