The Worst Passwords Of 2017 Explain Why So Many Freakin' People Got Hacked This Year

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You'd think that with computers, smartphones, and tablets being at the forefront of how we communicate, shop, pay our bills, and entertain ourselves, that people would be better at password protection. Seriously, the worst passwords of 2017 aren't so much comical as they are concerning. "Password" is not a legitimate password, people. This is isn't the freakin' Office, it's the real world. When you get hacked, it's a lot worse than any prank Jim could have cooked up for Dwight. We're talking identity theft, stolen credit cards, compromising your address — the consequences are endless.

As per TIME Magazine, in accordance with data provided by SplashData the full list below is compromised of 5 million leaked passwords from users in North America and Western Europe. TIME explained that just like last year, the first and second most used passwords were “123456” and “Password." C'mon people, you're better than this!

The 25 Worst Passwords of 2017:

OK, so, remember how we said this wasn't about getting a good laugh? Yeah, well, we lied! We're sorry, but, "trustno1" and "login" are just too good. We've also got to give a shoutout to all the Star Wars and Game of Thrones fans out there reppin' with the "dragon" and "starwars" passwords.

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