3 Reasons Why You Need To Drop What You're Doing And Subscribe To FHM Right Now

In two minds about subscribing to the greatest magazine in the world? Don't be silly. There are a bunch of reasons why you should, but sometimes all you need is one...

Twelve months of the sexiest ladies, the belliest of belly laughs and ridiculously useful knowledge delivered to your door. That’s right, never again will you face treacherous journeys to the newsagent through heatwave, rain or snow. You’ll even save a bit of cash - who doesn’t want that?

Let’s face it, all that lands on the doormat nowadays are rubbish pizza menus and scary bills. Get something decent sent through the postbox for a change, yeah? Here's why it should be us, and no one else...

01  The prettiest lady-types on planet Earth

Sam Faiers, Ashley Roberts, Keeley Hazell, Natalie Dormer and Nadia Forde. Just to name a few. That’s not to mention our FHM Girlfriends, Would Wives, Girl Crushes… you get the idea. You’re welcome.

02  It’s full of incredibly useful stuff

Want to host a BBQ? We’ve literally thrown the book out and covered absolutely everything you need to know with the help of resident flame-griller, DJ BBQ. Want to know how to pull off a suit, wear different jeans or up your PJ game? Check on all of those. Want to know how to dust off the bike and get back on the cycle path? Well, there's a frickin' huge cycling feature in the back pages of this month's fine magazine. Get on it.

03  We all like a good laugh

If your Mondays have been dreary and lacking lately, we want to fix that. Science has told us that always having the latest copy of FHM by your side will increase your happiness by at least 379%*. Each issue is packed with stuff that’ll put a smile on your face, whether it’s our Alternative End of Season Football Awards, an interview with a legendary funnyman or a man's guide to bossing fatherhood with a stand-up guy like Example.

Imagine all that, plus a load more and twelve times a year. The only way to guarantee it is to subscribe to FHM and we know you won’t regret it.

*Completely made up stat.

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