30-Year-Old Teacher Busted After Allegedly Being Involved With Teenage Student In Classroom

Image via New York State Justice Center

The past few weeks have seen a bunch of crazy arrests—mostly for drug trafficking from extremely hot ladies—but one of the latest weird busts comes from upstate New York, where a 30-year-old teacher got charged with allegedly having sex with a 17-year-old student...in her classroom!

The perpetrator's name is Marina Viviani, and the story, according to Albany's Daily Gazette is pretty crazy.

Viviani is accused of engaging in oral sex and sexual intercourse with the student in late 2014 in a LaSalle classroom shortly before the student’s exit from a residential program, according to the state Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs.

The allegations came to light after Viviani allegedly continued the relationship afterward, Justice Center officials said. She continued it through phone calls, text messages, exchange of digital photos and travel to New York City, officials said.

Although Viviani's attorney claims the allegations have no truth to them, insisting that the boy's family threatened his client before going to the police, the teacher has been charged with with two felony counts of rape and criminal sexual act, as well as four misdemeanor charges of sex crimes.

Of course, this isn't the first, nor, sadly, the last time we'll hear about a teacher-student sex scandal, but given the fact that this one allegedly occurred in her classroom makes it a little bit more bizarre.

Indicted this morning, Marina Viviani was released on bond with a scheduled court appearance later this month.

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