The 5 Things You Should Absolutely Never Do On A Date

Guys often get hung up on the smallest details of what they should do on a date, but what about the cardinal sins of dating? If you want to see her again, then avoid these common mistakes. Doing so could land you girl of your dreams, as well as a fun night out.

1. Don’t Lie About Anything

Lies have to be creative, built upon, and maintained. Inevitably, these fibs will spin rapidly out of control like a helicopter in a disaster flick. You’ll start out telling her you hit the gym every day, and before you know it, you’re claiming to be a billionaire, a ninja and the inventor of the MP3. Just be yourself.

2. Don’t Drink Too Much, If Anything, Beforehand

In some instances, it's fine to steady your nerves before a date with a drink or two, but if you booze too much, you'll be a mess for the date and she'll be massively turned off. Keep your wits— and your edge—by controlling your intake before meeting up.

3. Don’t Order A Salad

If you’re out for a meal together and you opt for salad, you might as well have turned up in a pink bunny onesie, cuddling a teddy bear. Unless you're a total no-go on meat, order the protein option. Then to really prove your manliness, demand that the waiter bring you the heads of your enemies.

4. Don’t Keep Checking Your Phone

Nothing will suck the magic out of a date quicker than an illuminated screen with your face buried in it. Keep the phone in your pocket during the date, and maybe sneak a peek if you really have to when she's away from the table for a trip to the bathroom. Chances are, she's in there checking hers.

5. Don’t Forget To Ask Questions

It's not about you, dude. When you go out on a date, your aim should be to impress, but if you monopolize the conversation, you'll only achieve the opposite outcome. Ask her lots of questions about herself, her interests, her upbringing. People love talking about themselves, so give the girl a platform and she'll be eating out of the palm of your hand in no time.

If you follow these tips, you should be in good shape. Remember to bring your manners, dress and groom well, and carry yourself confidently. Everything else will fall into place.