Strengthen Your Core With These Easy-To-Use Exercises (From Triathlete Tom Bishop)

Tom Bishop is one of the top triathletes on the planet, with the highlight of his career coming earlier this year when he took first place at the Lisbon ETU Triathlon European Championships in May. Knowing what it takes to get to the top, Bishop shares his secrets to a strong core—so take some good notes.

1. Squats

“Place your feet shoulder-width apart, keeping your heels straight. Squat down slowly, making sure your knees are over your ankles and your back is straight. When you feel your back start to curl, come up with a burst of power.”

2. Roll-Outs

“Find the roller wheel in your gym [a small wheel with hand holds on each side]. Get on your knees and push your arms out in front. Use dumbbells if there isn’t a roller wheel.”

3. Rotating Planks

“In the plank position, rotate your whole upper body so your arms are perpendicular to the floor, instead of parallel. Hold, then swap arms.”

4. Lunges

“Place your feet one in front of the other, then lower your body to a 90-degree angle, putting your weight through the balls of your feet. Make sure your back is vertical, and your knee doesn’t go over your toes.”

5. Aleknas

“Lie on your back and stretch your legs and arms out straight, without touching the floor, then bring your knees up to your chest. Add weights to your legs if you like, and stop when it hurts.”