5 Minimalist Watches That'll Have You Looking Sophisticated In No Time

If you think of yourself as sophisticated – we’re looking at you, yes, you with the Reiss loyalty card – then you’ll want a watch to match your enlightened taste. These five, no-fuss timepieces do the job nicely.

Without further ado, the five best minimalist watches you'd want to sit proudly on your wrist...

Mondaine Helvetica No 1 watch, £255

The Swiss know all about minimalism and watches (and, oddly, milk chocolate), so you can only imagine how tasteful things got when Mondaine made a watch that paid tribute to the country’s signature typeface, Helvetica. This version has a white dial, red strap and a date window which all adds up to a great package.

Nomos Club, £1,000

Coming in with a refined case width of 36mm, this stunning German watch boasts an art deco dial with contrasting orange hands. It’s quite simply one of the most beautiful watches in the world, and because its hand-wound, you’ll never need a battery. Just wind it up and you’re set for 43 hours.

Junghans Max Bill, £725

The only automatic – ie self-winding – watch on this list, the Max Bill is an exercise in exquisite simplicity. With a silver-plated dial, unobtrusive hands and luminous markers on the quarter hour, it’s the perfect work/evening timepiece. The curved crystal – ie the glass bit over the dial – is an extra that demonstrates Junghans’ attention to detail.

Mondaine Stop2Go, £315

Mondaine’s Swiss Railway watch is the daddy of all minimalist watches. This version updates it with a movement that stops the seconds hand at 12 o’clock for two seconds every minute, just like the real Swiss railway clock. As it moves on its journey around the dial, so the minutes hand clicks to the next marker.

Universal Wares M40, £410

A British brand with impeccable taste, Universal Works take Swiss quartz movements and put them in subtly-designed cases. This rose gold model boasts indexes instead of numerals and a date function, so you know exactly what day it is. And at 40mm wide, it’ll suit every wrist, from ‘gorilla on steroids’ to ‘bullied-at-school weed’.