The Most Iconic Moments In Nike's History (Because We All 'Just Do It')

There are few brands who are truly as world-conquering, ad-pioneering and most importantly, stylish as hell. Nike are the absolute median in a Venn diagram of cool.

So when we found out that Nike chairman and co founder Philip Knights is stepping down after 50 years, our trainers shed tears (and not because we've been wearing them so long that there are puddles are getting in).

It's not right that we don't give a proper send off to the fella who's no doubt given us so many earth-shattering moments that we would only be able to withstand in a suitable pair of Nike's. No kidding. So have a gander back to some of the brand's most iconic moments...

Possibly The Coolest Ad Of All-Time


You might never become a footballer but this was as close as you got, complete with training, cars, girls and vomit. This is one in a long line of many Nike ads that have been game changing, leaving rivals seriously struggling to keep up with the levels of effortless cool. See also: Michael Jordan's 'Failure'.

Figuring Out What They're Actually Called

It was one of life's greatest unanswered questions until only a few years ago when the man himself, Philip Knights, responded to a fan letter. Nike as in "bike" or Nike as in "spiky"? The latter, apparently. You've been saying at all wrong, man.

Nike Predicted The Future... Then Made It Happen


The most important part of recalling Back to the Future: Part II is remembering Marty McFly's self-lacing Nike shoes he wore when he went to 2015. Now we're there, and Nike announce that they're actually being made (sort of). We would have sold everything we owned just to drool over a pair for a few minutes, and now we can.

Shoes So Food The NBA Banned Them


Air Jordans are huge in their own right now, but they were first released back in '84 not long after Michael Jordan first signed for Nike. The NBA banned them because they had "little white on them" but Nike used this to create swathes of publicity for the company, claiming they were banned for giving you an unfair advantage. Jordan was reportedly fined $5,000 each time he stepped onto the court wearing them.

It's Time To Celebrate The '95's

According to a 2007 study, the Air Max 95's were "criminals' number one choice" in footwear. Designed to replicate the anatomy of the human spine, the 95's were the first shoe to use to air cushions on the front foot as well as the standard back bubble. Perfect time for a 20th anniversary celebration, huh?

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