5 Retro '90s Games That Need To Make A Pokemon Go-Style Comeback On Mobile

Pokemon have done it again. The incredible creators of childhood memories almost long forgotten have announced a brand new game, and you don't need to dig out your dusty old Game Boy to get in on the action.

They're making another big stab at the mobile gaming market with Pokemon Go, a GPS-based game that'll let you discover Pokemon in the real world, trade with other players, battle and even seek out rare Pokemon.

Remember that Google April Fools prank a few years ago where you could find actual Pokemon in the world? It's basically that, but on Rare Candy. It looks amazing, it looks massive and the base game is totally free to use.

Unfortunately, it won't be available on iPhone or Android phones until 2016, 20 years after the original Pokemon games were launched.

But that got us thinking. There are so many downright jaw-dropping games that used to steal hours of our collective childhoods - how would they look if they came to our phones?

Crash Bandicoot

Sony's smash-hit platform game struck a chord with kids and adults alike. Many hours were spent completing levels, finding secrets and taking on bosses.

How it would work on mobile:   Honestly, we have no idea. Many of the levels required pretty insane dexterity to complete, but the party games Crash Bash and Crash Team Racing would definitely work on a phone.

Sonic The Hedgehog

Honestly a bit shit ever the since the blue mammal went 3D, Sonic has had plenty of mobile games and they've all been a bit, well, naff.

How it would work on mobile: The original games only needed a directional pad and two buttons to play, so we're betting it would be dead easy to take on Dr Robotnik on the small screen in the near future.

Syphon Filter 2

Technically, it was released just after the '90s (in the first two months of 2000), but we'll count it. For now. We're not sure it was "the best PS1 game ever" as some of the office screamed from the far corner, but the writing and the action are up there. A high point in gaming though, for sure.

How it would work on mobile:  A graphics bump and some incredible action set-pieces would make this an App Store smash.

Banjo Kazooie

Plenty of fun levels and loads of kooky characters, the original bear-bird adventure has plenty of portable potential.

How it would work on mobile: Running and jumping to find every jigsaw piece could keep even the most miserable Monday morning commuter smiling on their way to work. A mute button for Kazooie would be nice, though.

Actual, proper Pokemon

Come on, Nintendo. You've had Pokemon going since the '90s - you must have worked out how to make it ace on a device that everybody owns by now?

How it would work on mobile: Go will be amazing, that's a given, but some of us miss hunting down legendary birds, solving puzzles, training up a no-nonsense squad that overthrows the Elite Four over again and linking up with mates to show them who's boss.