5 Sexy Netflix Ladies Who Want To Fill The Game Of Thrones-Shaped Hole In Your Life

The Game Of Thrones season finale is well within sight, and that... that scares you, doesn't it?

You're trying not to think about it, but ultimately you're going to have to come to terms with the fact that, very soon, there will be at least 100% less Game Of Thrones in your weekly TV schedule.

That's 100% less Emilia Clarke. 100% less Nathalie Emmanuel. 100% less fire-breathing dragons.

Stop crying - you can get through this. But only with the help of our unfathomably sexy telly guide...

Daredevil - Deborah Ann Woll

The New Yoik-born ginger goddess plays Karen Page, the long-running, long-suffering love interest of Mr. Daredevil himself.

Orange Is The New Black - Ruby Rose

DJ, actress, singer and the ultra-smooth new inmate of Litchfield Penitentiary, Aussie beauty Ruby Rose stars in the season 3 premiere tonight.

Halt And Catch Fire - Mackenzie Davis

Actress Mackenzie Davis plays Cameron Howe, a tech developer living in Texas during the personal computer revolution of the 1980s. SEXY NERD ALERT.


Arrow - Willa Holland

Based on the Green Arrow comics, she plays Thea Queen, sword-waving vigilante and owner of an awesome nightclub. She’s much cooler than you, basically.

Graceland - Serinda Swan

Stunning Serena Swan plays Paige Arkin, a smart, sexy no-nonsense DEA undercover agent, flirting up a storm with FBI rookie Mike.



_ Words: Tim Hudson-Price _
_ Images: Poptower / Shutterstock _