6 Can't-Miss May Dates For Your Distractingly Sexy FHM Calendar

If you're a wise man, this morning was brought to you by the incomparably hot Rosie Jones...

Unfortunately, you can't set aside days for staring at your FHM Calendar, so you should maybe you should these actually somewhat important dates on it instead...

1st May

May Day is here, which means you’re exceptionally likely to bump into people dancing around poles or Morris dancers.

4th May

BANK HOLIDAY (and unofficial Star Wars Day)

7th May

General Election Day is here and if you want to overthrow the government you better be armed with a small pencil in that booth.

24th May

It’s the last Premier League matches of the season. Shed a tear as we enter into a summer of no competitive international football.

25th May


30th May

FA Cup Final time, with Aston Villa taking on Arsenal.

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