Slow Mo Internet Stunt Goes Wrong As Man Gets Crushed By 6 Ft. Water Balloon

Image Via YouTube/TheSlowMoGuys

The Slow Mo Guys are back it yet again with another mind-bending video, except this time it's also death-defying. Well, not exactly—but someone definitely could have lost a leg. Alright, no, that's an exaggeration, but at the very least, it could've been broken and that's pretty f'in extreme considering their line of work is YouTube.

These dudes have made a pretty sound living off of awing the internet with their slow mo whimsy. It just so happens that this time around, things went terribly, terribly wrong. Take a look—

Alright, not going to lie that slow motion pop was incredible! Part of me really wants to give this whole giant water balloon thing a whirl this summer, but maybe I'd spring for the 3 footer, instead of the 6.

Gavin and Daniel, yes The Slow Mo Guys have first names, are truly a breed onto their own. They don't conduct such "experiments" solely for the shock value. I happen to believe there's a lot of artistic integrity involved. Their stunts aren't just regurgitated dreck from crappy action films, they're uniquely their own and done with the tact of individuals who enjoy producing aesthetically pleasing content.

That being said, I have a few ideas for some things I'd like to see slowed down—

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