6 Sex Positions That Are Sure To Get Her Screaming Your Name As She OGs

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We're guys, so it doesn't take much for us to blow our load. That may sound a bit demeaning, but, let's face it, we can get hard just thinking about a hot girl, so when you add in a little lubrication and rubbing, things are bound to burst.

While dudes have it easy in the quest to climax, getting a girl off can be a little bit more difficult, as it takes all sorts of moves and maneuvers for it to happen—especially during sex. Guys will read everything to learn the proper technique, but, really, all it takes is knowing the right positions that hit all her sensitive spots.

That's why these are the best sexual positions to make sure she's screaming your name, getting off and bound to be asking for seconds again later.

6. Missionary

I know, I know, you'll feel cheated by doing the most boring and traditional sex position on the planet, but there's a reason why it's old faithful when it comes to banging—because it's effective. Since you're going in diagonally—rather than just straight in and out—you'll be hitting her clit, which is where it's at when trying to get girls off. It might remind you of high school when you lost your virginity, but it works.

5. Girl On Top

Another classic position, when a girl is facing you and riding your, ahem, unit, it puts her in control by moving the way she enjoys the most, meaning all those little nerves inside of her will get hit one way or another. Don't make her do all the work, though, because moving her hips back and forth and up and down with your hands will only help get her to climax even faster.

4. Spooning

Forget the fact that this is her favorite position to sleep in with you and let's focus on the fact that it's actually a pretty solid option to make sure she gets off, too! Having sex while spooning involves little penetration—sorry, dudes, you're not Ron Jeremy over here—meaning the front of her lady part is getting hit with just the right amount of pressure. It can be awkward at first, but you'll know when it's time to go full throttle depending on how wet she gets.

3. Doggie Style

In the history of men, there might not be a more desired sexual position than doggie style, which allows every guy to sort of live out his fantasy of plowing a girl as if he were a porn star. That's good and all, but make sure you don't actually think you're on camera and you make it enjoyable for her, too. This involves reaching around and rubbing her G-spot as you slide in and out, otherwise she's sort of just moaning and faking it for your enjoyment.

2. Pinned Against A Wall

Other than doggie style, there might not be a position that feels more masculine than picking your girl up and having her straddle you as you pin her against the wall for some sex. And while this can feel awkward at times, if the two of you get it down, she'll get off so great that she'll make it a go-to move. Make sure she's not just relaxing back against the wall, but instead leaning forward with her hips pointed towards you. Have her completely wrap her legs around you and go in nice and slow as her mind gets blown.

1. Reverse Cowgirl

There's a reason why reverse cowgirl is in just about every single porno you've ever watched—because it's so stimulating for the girl that she just needs to do it. With the girl sitting down on you as if you were a chair, she can ride however she wants to, moving her hips in a circular motion, bouncing up and down or moving back and forth to make sure you're hitting all her right spots. Take part in the fun by wrapping your hands around her and playing with her breasts for the best sex you'll ever have together.