The 6 Times No Man Should Ever Wear Flip Flops

An exact quote from my entirely female office today about men's feet — "They're usually pretty crusty." Sorry, fellas, but it's true. And, while we're all on the lookout for the best men's flip flops, that doesn't mean that women find our feet any less, uh, gross.

I hate when men generalize women, so I would be a big ol' hypocrite if I turned around and did the same, but oh well, if the flip flop fits...Men's feet are usually crusty. The toe nails not being painted I can live with, but it's the whole hairy, stubby. dead-skin riddled, un-manicured thang that I can't tolerate.

I suppose if you're a guy who takes good care of his feet that these things are less applicable, but still applicable nonetheless. Think about all of the societal pressures that are placed on the way women are supposed to look. Now think about the one's placed on men.

I'll give you a minute.

Do they compute? Are they even remotely equal? No, not at all. So if this is the one thing you guys have to take heat for, consider yourselves lucky. I'm not suggesting that you can't EVER wear flip flops. In fact, 6 instances is practically nothing in the grand scheme of things.

I bet you're wondering, what am I supposed to wear on my feet then this summer?! Well, lucky for you FHM already has you covered. Here's a guide to sneakers and here's a guide on boat shoes.

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