6 Unbelievable Sandwiches That'll Make You Proud To Be A Damn American

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There's a good reason why Americans are so much fatter than most people in the world —it's because their food is f-cking AWESOME! But, why should they have all the fun? There's an American food revolution brewing and FHM wants to make sure that you don't miss the boat... or the calories.

You've heard of the KFC Double-Down burger, right? Where you swap the buns for more chicken? Now we have your attention, bring your taste buds right on over here.

Philly Cheesesteak

What is it? Get a big roll and cram it full of onions, beef and lots of cheese. The key to a good Philly cheese steak, according to Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, is cheapness. “The first mistake people make is that they use good meat,” he said recently. “You need the fattiest, stringiest meat to get a proper taste.”

And as for the cheese: “You have to use Cheez Whiz,” says Ed. “Real cheese doesn’t melt right.”

The Ultimate Deli Sandwich

What is it? Katz’s Deli in New York is the best place in the world to eat pastrami and corned beef in a sandwich. “You want to know who made this sandwich popular?” says owner Luke Katz. “[Man vs Food’s] Adam Richman. We’ve had him coming in here since he was eight years-old.”

Katz’s get through 15,000 pounds of pastrami every week. “I’m a traditional deli guy,” says Luke. “I like pastrami. I like it on rye. I like mustard. That’s it. But if someone likes our meat so much they want to pile it all into the same sandwich? It’s an honor.”

Krispy Kreme Chicken Sandwich

What is it? Fried chicken is America’s most popular home-cooked food. Therefore it was only a matter of time before some bright spark had the genius idea to combine it with that other staple of Stateside snacking: the glazed jam doughnut.

Americans love three things: freedom, guns and deep-fat friers. The thinking is simple: if something tastes good then it stands to reason it’ll taste even better dunked in boiling oil.

KFC's Double-Down Burger

What is it? A semi-mythical food, the Double Down was originally a Photoshopped April Fool’s joke until a few particularly unhinged branches of KFC in the southern states decided to make it a reality.

Essentially it’s a bacon and cheese filling inside a “sandwich” of fried chicken. The fact people are willing to burn their fingers to eat it is testament to how delicious the Double Down actually is.

Goober Burger & Rodeo Burger

What is it? Think you know burgers? You’re a beefy-beginner until you come face to face with one of these meat-monsters. First up, the mighty rodeo burger (left): A mutant, the rodeo is achieved by cramming a load of deep fried onion rings on top of the meat and then slathering the whole thing in BBQ sauce.

Then there’s the goober burger (right). A cheeseburger enhanced by a fried egg and a generous portion of melted peanut butter. Yee, and indeed, haw.

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