6 Ways To Be Genuinely Romantic (As Told By A Beautiful Woman)

Sweeping girls off their feet isn't as tricky as it looks—guys just seem to make it that way. Relationship expert Laura Yates tells us all about winning women over without overdoing it.

1. Don’t Overdo The Compliments

Every girl likes be told we’re beautiful, but telling us endlessly seems needy.

2. Do Show You're Proud To Be With Her

I’m not talking huge PDAs, but a protective arm around her in public goes far.

3. Don’t Think It's All About Flashing Cash

Spending money with no thought about what you’re spending it on isn’t romantic.

4. Do Keep Texts Upbeat And Flirtatious

Make sure you don’t text endlessly as this ruins her anticipation of seeing you.

5. Don’t Only Rely On Texts

We forget phones make calls too. It’s a pleasant surprise when you call to ask how her day was.

6. Do Buy Her A Gift

Make sure it's something she's mentioned, because girls love a man who listens to what she's saying.

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