6 Ways To Make Your Relationship Red-Hot Again

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Relationships are hard, we all know that. And while they have their perks, that doesn't always mean that things are great and that they still don't take a lot of work.

One of the worst things about being in a committed relationship—whether with a girlfriend/boyfriend or wife/husband—is when things get stale, as one or both sides falls into a trap of overworking, laziness, routine or some other excuse not to show the same zeal that was there early on. We're here to change that.

For those who need to make things a little hotter and reignite a dying flame, here are some tips that will get both you and your significant other steamy.

6. Utilize Snapchat

Whether you're a 20- or 30-something who's, generally, tech-savvy, or someone a little bit older who still doesn't know how to use your phone's camera, Snapchat is the one app that every couple needs on their phone. Rather than sending text messages with a bunch of words that can get skewed in either direction, why not send a pic or video with some short caption to show your significant other what you're thinking about? Just pray that he or she isn't in a meeting when they open it.

5. Dirty Talk

Sure, I may have mentioned how the text message is a dying way to communicate with your significant other, preferring Snapchat to get your point across, but that doesn't mean you still can't talk a little raunchy—just do it his/her face. I know, no one is 100 percent comfortable saying how you're going to do that one thing once you two get in the bedroom, but it'll show that you're itching to be with them, and that's hot for anyone to hear.

4. Get Adventurous

Nope, this absolutely does not mean renting a cabin somewhere in the wilderness and hiking for an entire weekend. While that sounds like fun to some, this is about one thing—sex. Like other parts of a relationship, having an adventurous sex life is crucial in both people staying happy. And while doing it before you go to bed or in the shower every once in awhile is great, break the habit by getting dangerous and doing it in the backseat of a car on a deserted road or in a park where no one's at. Trust me, it'll make both people happy.

3. Play 21 Questions

I know, it's juvenile and will probably feel awkward, but if you're lacking something in your relationship, what better way than to open up and reestablish the reason you like each other in the first place by being goofy? A deck of cards will come in handy for this, where you play your own version of "Kings" by establishing rules for each card pulled. Drink some wine/beer/cocktails, and get ready to have some fun—both emotionally and, of course, physically.

2. Surprise! People Like Surprises!

Now, you don't need to extravagantly lie in order to pull off an epic surprise, but leading your significant other down a route in which they think one thing is going to happen by telling a little white lie is OK—just don't get too detailed. No matter if you're a middle school kid who was caught off-guard with a birthday at age 12 or an adult who's oblivious to what's going on, people love surprises, so planning one for your significant other will help kickstart things. This can be as simple as buying flowers to take to her/him after work, or waking up early on the weekend to cook brunch. Saying "I love you" is one thing, showing you love them is another; remember that.

1. Actually Date

Every once in a while, and today was one of those days, I wake up and text my girlfriend something like, Hey, babe, don't plan anything tonight. It's gonna be a date night, so just plan on a surprise. No, that doesn't make me the world's best boyfriend or some genius who discovered something new about relationships, it's just an example of how it's important to remember to actually, you know, date! Weeks can be long with work, social life and whatever the hell else comes up, so it's simple to fall into a trap of leftover pizza and Netflix. But getting dressed up and being fancy is always a good way for a night full of fun with your significant other.