Zombies, Vampires, and Breastfeeding Women Among The 69 Newly Released Emojis (VIDEO)

I'm a huge fan of the ever-useful emoji. Being someone who writes (actual words) day in and day out, it's pretty nice to just be able to send a smiley face, or heart, or middle finger to get my point across without having to, God forbid, use more words.

It seems 69 new emojis have been released and while I'd love to sit here and list all of them for you, Emojipedia has put together a nifty video for your viewing pleasure.


The inclusion of a woman in a head scarf is sure to get a ton of ignorant, senseless backlash, but f*ck those people, right? I mean, it's safe to say the day you start quibbling over an emoji is the day your soul slowly starts to die and seep out of your ass.

Moving on, I'm reaaaallly digging the mythical creature angle! I cannot tell you how many times I've desperately hoped to express myself by way of a scantily-clad male fairy.

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