7 Badass Gadgets That'll Up Your Tech Game (And Make You The Coolest Dude On The Block)

Got a weak tech game? Want to ramp up your gadget gravitas?

You're in luck, because we're here to round up the very best of all the tech brilliance out there right now...

Turing Phone

Aptly named for a phone purported to be one of the most secure out there, the Turing Mobile phone is taking pre-orders now and you'll not find a stealthier and more rugged device on the market than this.

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Nipi Smart Cooler

One part all-terrain vehicle and two parts awesome cooler, there's no terrain too tough or wilderness to wild for the Nipi Smart Cooler which has a solar power panel and USB charging points - as well as a shit tonne of space for craft beers.

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JBL Pulse Bluetooth Speaker

If you're after a speaker that is a bit more of a showman than the norm that will jazz up proceedings a bit, you need look no further than this snazzy offering. The JBL Pulse does what it says on the tin and pulses in time with your music.

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If you've got an Apple watch AND a love of Minions, then prepare to lose your shit over the awesome looking WATCHme charging station which looks like a little Minion whilst giving your smartwatch a juice boost.

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UNDFTD x Beats Powerbeats 2 Headphones

If you're a sporty type that demands ruggedness and performance from your headphones then you, sir, need look no further than these cracking UNDFTD x Beats Powerbeats 2 Headphones.

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Bolt M-1 Electric Bike

Looking for a steed that is midway between a bicycle and a motorbike and looks awesome? Well, truth be told, you're not going to find anything that hits the nail on the head more than this little cracker that goes by the name of the Bolt M-1 Electric Bike.

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Vadu Amka Donkey Kong Game Boy

The Gameboy is one of the most iconic machines out there and just when you thought it couldn't get anymore awesome, Vadu Amka proves you wrong with his customised Donkey Kong version that is the dogs bollocks.

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