7 Signs That She's Totally Into You

Trying to figure out the opposite sex can be really tough sometimes, especially if you're trying to determine whether or not she's actually into you.

Lucky for you, Made In Chelsea's super-hot star Stephanie Pratt is here to give us all a valuable lesson in understanding the fairer sex.

1. The Hair Twirler

“Girls do this automatically, and you’ll see this when she is feeling nervous. Good nervous, though, not bad nervous.

“It’s probably one of the first signs you’ll want to see on a date, but if you get it, it means you’re off to a good start.”

2. The 24-Hour Texter

“The first text you get from a girl is actually from about five girls. All her friends have helped put that message together.

“The fact she’s messaging you shows you’re worth the effort. Don’t ‘play it cool’ by waiting to text back – that’s for losers.”

3. The Big Spender

“I’m pretty good at showering my boyfriend in gifts – I like to spoil a guy. If you wanted to buy me a gift, I love stuff I can wear.

“Be it jewelry, a handbag or shoes, I’ll put it on and I’ll feel close to you. I’m cool with an old t-shirt too. My closet is filled with my boyfriend’s hoodies.”

4. The Doorstep Cheerleader

“She is totally into you if she turns up at your front door in a sexy outfit just to please you.

“I mean, it’s a ridiculous thing to do, but it means she knows what you like.”

5. The Fake Sports Fan

“Yes, this is a classic. We do not care about your sports team. I remember going to a Chelsea game recently and trying my hardest not to get my phone and play on it, and to seem interested the whole time.”

“It’s a real strategy, and takes a lot of effort. You should appreciate it more.”

6. The Morning Smiler

“If she’s pleased to see you in the morning after the night before, then high five yourself, and make her a tea quickly.

“One thing that a guy can do to piss me off when I’ve woken up? Be grumpy. I don’t care about bad breath, but if you’re in a bad mood, you’ll put me in an even worse mood and you don’t want that.”

7. The Welcome Home Celebrator

“If you’ve been away, I’ll cook your favorite dinner while wearing my favorite lingerie to show you what you’ve missed.

“Then after dinner, well – let’s just call it ‘private time’."