Where Did My Youth Go?! 7 Times You Feel Old AF

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Look, I really hate starting off on such a sour note, but we're all gonna die one day. What?! Don't give me (the computer screen) that look! It's true and I'm not about to sit her and sugarcoat this shit because you're feeling contemplative and sensitive— like The Lion King said, it's the circle of life, people.

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That inspiring tidbit aside, you're going to inevitably start seeing some physical and behavioral changes happening as you get older. The cruel irony is that these changes start a lot f'in sooner than you had previously thought. For example, I figured by the time I hit 35 I'd start slowing down, feeling less inclined to go out on the weekends, and needing more sleep. Well, I was wrong. I'm 25 and I can genuinely say that the site of my bed at the end of the day is more beautiful than any piece of art hanging in The Louvre. The silver lining is that there's strength in numbers and we're all in this together, folks!

A few of those are more depressing than others. I'd say the most dismal for me is pretending to like salad. Look, at the end of the day, salad is just okay. If i had my 16-year-old metabolism I'd be gnawing on a Big Mac right now while simultaneously dipping french fries in a milkshake, but a las, at 25-years-old, my body would basically shut down rendering me a lump of fat and lost dreams.

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If anything, when you're sitting home on a Saturday night binge-watching Netflix and scrolling through your Instagram feed, try and remember that despite being saggy and wrinkled in 40+ years, you'll also be retired and that sounds mighty fine by me.

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